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Bring Ards FC Home Campaign

Last updated: 6th October 2016

Latest Updates

» Planning application lodged: A planning application for the construction of a new stadium within the grounds of Movilla High School has been lodged, with the application advertised today… read more

» Opening of Ground Fund: The club has announced the creation of a new ground fund appeal… read more

» The Mayor of Ards Borough Council has written an open letter to the chairman of the club, in response to the club’s recent statements.

» On 3rd February, the club issued a second statement in response to the Council’s public statements on the withdrawal of the Floodgates lease

» The latest press coverage on the ground issue can be seen here

» The offer of a lease on council-owned land was withdrawn at a meeting of the council on 28th January 2015. The club responded with this statement, while Belfast Telegraph and UTV carried articles on the huge blow.

» At the Council meeting on 27th November 2013, it was agreed that the Council would spend £5000 assisting Ards Football Club with the drawing up of a business plan in order for the club to gain funding to develop the council-owned land at Portaferry Road - Minutes of the meeting (see page 21)

» At the 25th September 2013 meeting of the Council it was recommended that 14 acres of land should be leased to Ards FC at a rental of £1 to be developed as a football ground, subject to contracts - Minutes of the meeting (see page 23)

» At a meeting of the Council Services Committee on 20th November 2012, a presentation was made by Ards FC chairman Brian Adams, along with Manus Magill of Copious, expressing the club's interest in leasing council-owned land at The Floodgates for the purpose of developing a football stadium... read more

» Chairman Brian Adams has written an open letter to supporters in light of the news that the proposed stadium at Londonderry Park will not be proceeding... read more

» Park owner scuppers stadium - Ards Borough Council have announced that permission to build a stadium at Londonderry Park has been refused by Lady Rose Lauritzen, owner of the venue. Reported by the Newsletter.

» Ards Borough Council has agreed to look at an alternative site on Portaferry Road for the building of a new community stadium... read more

» The Bring Ards FC Home campaign is to be stepped up again with two events coming over the next week... read more

» New stadium gets go ahead - Ards FC's long-awaited return to Newtownards took a step closer this week with the announcement that the Planning Service is to approve the construction of a stadium at Londonderry Park... read more

» Ards Borough Council have lodged a planning application for their proposed redevelopment of Londonderry Park, incorporating an arena facility that could be utilised by Ards FC... read more

» Supporters representing the Bring Ards FC Home campaign have held a short meeting with Council officials to hear the latest progress on the Londonderry Park upgrade... read more

» The Bring Ards FC Home campaign has congratulated Councillors for backing the construction of a new football arena. In a public statement, Council members were told that Ards supporters warmly welcomed the agreement to vote through the latest stage of the process... read more

» The Council has agreed a £3.6 Million plan to create state of the art sporting facilities at Londonderry Park in Newtownards, including a partly covered arena suitable for intermediate football... read more

» At its meeting on Wednesday night, Ards Council voted to accept the recommendation that Londonderry Park be upgraded to provide a community stadium for the town... read more

» The Bring Ards FC Home campaign have renewed hope that their team may be close to returning home again, after holding a very positive meeting with Council officials this week... read more At that meeting representatives of the campaign made this presentation

» Former Ards striker Stephen Baxter expressed his support for the Bring Ards Home campaign in the local press this week... read more

» Ards Borough Council has spoken out publicly for the first time on their proposals to re-develop Londonderry Park. In an open letter to last Thursday's edition of The Chronicle, the council's head of Leisure Services explained that Ards Council are close to submitting a bid for funding to upgrade the Portaferry Road facility... read more

» A visit from local MLA Jim Shannon to a recent campaign meeting did much to encourage supporters. At the meeting, Shannon praised the actions of those involved in the Bring Ards FC Home idea and said that it had done much to put the issue of a community stadium front and centre... read more

» Local councillor and Alliance member of the Assembly Kieran McCarthy expressed his support for the community stadium with a release on his website. Kieran also met with some Ards supporters, appearing with them in the 12th February edition of the Chronicle.

» The Bring Ards FC Home message reached into Europe this week, with our campaign banner on show during Northern Ireland's World Cup qualifier in San Marino... read more

The Beginning

In late January 2009, a number of Ards supporters met to discuss ways in which Ards FC's desire to return home and play in a new council-owned community stadium could be achieved.

With an encouraging number of supporters in attendance, it was agreed to mount a campaign to put the issue back into the spotlight at a time when Ards Borough Council might be close to making a decision.

A number of ideas were put forward during this meeting and the group agreed to put some of these into practice over the next few weeks.

Our aim to put the need for a community stadium in Newtownards in the spotlight will be pursued through:

We have engaged a number of supporters to actively pursue many of these issues and we are seeking the involvement of the broadest range of the Ards support in keeping the stadium matter to the fore. Over the first few weeks of the campaign, we have had a tremendous response to the poster placement and have also received ongoing media attention, notably from the Newtownards Chronicle.


For all press enquiries contact Andrew McCullough on 07752 387438


Press Coverage

The Bring Ards FC Home Campaign has been featured continually in the Newtownards Chronicle as well in other newspapers... read more

Campaign Support

During January and February 2009, supporters canvassed traders in the Newtownards and wider areas, asking them to show their support for a new community stadium by displaying the Bring Ards FC Home poster. Over 100 local business in Newtownards and the peninsula did so.

The groundswell of support for our campaign was evident in the large numbers of letters that appeared in the local press, all urging Councillors to do what they can to 'Bring Ards Home'... read more


Campaign Poster

A copy of the Bring Ards FC Home campaign poster is available to download here. We encourage all our supporters to display this poster where they can.

Sample Letter

At the onset of the campaign we encouraged all of our supporters to print off a sample letter for mailing to a local councillor. This action was tremendously successful but has now come to an end. The letter is available to download here for information purpose only.

Press releases

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