Statement from the Chairman

Dear loyal Ards supporters,

Anger, frustration, depression and despair are all emotions now felt by everyone connected with Ards Football Club, not least by myself and the rest of the Ards board.

The news that the proposed Community Stadium at Londonderry Park has been shelved is a bitter blow for all of us.

Do not think that this hurts us any less than it hurts it you. We have put in countless hours and much of our own money into saving Ards Football Club, and along with the Bring Ards Home Campaign, we have worked tirelessly to secure the club's return to Newtownards.

Of course, the immediate reaction is to look for someone to blame from the present board, to previous boards, to those involved in the stadium not proceeding it's only natural for fans to be angry.

I can understand these feeling and I hold several of them myself, however playing the blame game will not help the club going forward.

The question is now, where do we go from here? Some supporters appear to think that we have not pursued alternatives. I can assure the supporters we have, but we keep hitting brick walls.

We have sought grants, we have talked to council officers, we've had discussion with Bangor Football Club and we have approached local land owners.

As I see it, our options are as follows;

1 We could give up - hold an EGM and fold the club.
2 You could decide to sack the board and get others in with a fresh outlook.
3 We could return to Newtownards by playing at a council pitch and applying to play in a local junior league.
4 We could attempt to source new land, should it be at the Floodgates or elsewhere and develop a ground, understanding that this would take years to develop.
5 We attempt to extend our arrangement with Bangor.

We are keen to hear the views of every loyal Saturday supporter and we will be calling a meeting in the near future. I would like to emphasise that this is not a shareholders meeting, but if option 1 or 2 is selected we would be obliged to call one.

I would stress that the aim of this meeting would be to look to the future and not waste time playing the blame game.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman of Ards Football Club
Brian Adams

3rd August 2012

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