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AGM Report

The Club Annual AGM held on June 21st saw the following people elected.

President - Mr.Billy Mccully.

Vice President - Mr.Billy Humphries.

Board - Brian Adams, Warren Patton, Jim Bailiie, Stephen Wilton, Timmy Clarke, Gary Anderson, Stuart Dellow.

Associate Director, Ivor Edgar.

Accountant - Nikki Milligan.

Auditor - David Bennett.

Solicitor - Huw Worthington.

Company Secretary- Jim Murray.

Chaplin - Sam Magill.

Jim Bailie reported on Ards finances which showed our books balancing despite increased expenditure towards our 20s, 18s and 16s teams. He thanked all sponsors, individual donors, groups such as the SEC and social club and praised the work and support the club received from many volunteers.

The Chairman reported on a successful season especially with the success of our youth teams. He praised superfan Adrian Monaghan who was awarded this title by NIFL.

He thanked sponsors Huw Worthington and Warren Patton plus all match sponsors. Finally he praised Ivor Edgar for his continued work and announced that despite retiring as a permanent board member Ivor had agreed to continue his input by becoming an associate board member which will see him relinquish jobs but attend monthly meetings. Ivor hopes to continue with his role as match-day announcer as often as possible.

Questions and answers revolved around our landlords Bangor FC, ground search and Movilla.

The members were informed that the Bangor contract was still in place despite internal problems within their club; the club had approached other land owners but the costs were substantial and Movilla while not dead was grinding at a snails pace.

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