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Ards FC Disability team news

The Irish FA Foundation have today communicated the outcomes from the banding day on Saturday 9th October. There are 26 Disability teams competing this year. We have been placed in a very competitive league. The Championship.

The following document includes the various leagues and their teams

2021-22 IFA Disability League
Download DOCX • 250KB

Additionally, please see below the dates which our Ards FC Disability Section will be in action. All days will be from 10.30am to 1pm at the Valley Leisure Centre, Newtownabbey.

1. Saturday 6th November 2021 - League Week 1 2. Saturday 4th December 2021 - League Week 2 3. Saturday 29th January 2022 - League Week 3 4. Saturday 12th February 2022 - League Week 4 5. Saturday 12th March 2022 - League Week 5 6. Saturday 23rd April 2022 - League Week 6 7. Saturday 21st May 2022- League Week 7

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