• Michael Barritt

Aussie Roles for Frazer

On Saturday Jonny Frazer departed the club after

18 months in order to travel to Australia for one year.

The talented and spirited winger has written the following message message to fans via our matchday Ardsview programme. Massive thanks to Jonny and to programme editor Adrian Monaghan for the piece and our best wishes to Jonny for the year ahead.

Jonny Frazer Thanks

"As most of you may know, at the end of December I am heading off to Australia for a year.

The opportunity arose to take a year sabbatical from my current job, an opportunity I will most likely not have again. I decided to take it, and will be moving to Melbourne to live with friends that have already moved out there.

I am very grateful to the club and Colin for being so understanding with my decision and when I first brought the idea up in the summer, although disappointed, he supported me and just asked me to give my best before I go.

For both the club and myself, this season has been a nightmare so far, something myself, other players and staff didn’t see happening. As a group, we have underperformed too many times and are deservedly in the position we are. I have struggled massively with injuries missing a large part of the season with a hamstring injury, and now I have picked up another injury and I am unlikely to feature again before I head off. It is incredibly frustrating as I wanted to give my best and leave with Ards in a healthy position, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to do that.

After leaving Linfield, I was sick of not playing on a Saturday and wanted to go somewhere that I could play regularly and be allowed to develop as a player. When I met with Colin and Darren they sold me on their vision of the club and I felt as if I would be happy at the club. The past 18 months I have loved being part of this team and club. Colin has gave me the opportunity to play regularly and has put a lot of faith in myself and allowing me to develop.