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Glenn Returns After 40 Years

Last Saturday Ards FC had four English visitors as guests at the H&W Welders game - Glenn Hearsey, along with two brothers and a friend.  Glenn had took a shine to Ards when he attended their game away to Linfield back in April 1984.

He has been following their fortunes, albeit from Buckinghamshire, ever since and was delighted when his brother took him to Northern Ireland to watch Ards again to celebrate his 50th birthday.  Despite the result, the boys enjoyed the experience.

After the game, the visitors were invited back to the Ards FC Sports Club.  As chance would have it, Glenn bumped into Sammy Galway during the evening, Sammy remarked that he probably played in the game against the Blues in 1984, and on checking my records, I discovered that he did indeed play.

As usual, Sammy was full of chat and was delighted to have his photograph taken with Glenn. Sammy told the visitors that he truthfully did not remember much about the Linfield game, but remarked: ‘What I do know is – a few Linfield players would have had a few bruises the next morning!’

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