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A planning application for the construction of a new stadium within the grounds of Movilla High School has been lodged, with the application advertised today. The application reads: “New football grounds for Ards Football Club, comprising of new 3G pitch with associated floodlighting and perimeter fencing/walling. New spectator stand to meet requirements of NI football league premiership standards. New pedestrian access points/turnstile along boundary and use of existing vehicle access to new on-site car parking.” The application is now a matter for public consultation, with written comments to be sent to Ards & North Down Borough Council by 20th October. Guidance on how comment on an application is available on the council’s website. Should planning permission be granted, the next stage would see Movilla High School apply to the Education Authority for permission to proceed with the project. Full details of the scheme can be accessed on the Planning NI website.

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