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PASC Announcement

Like all fans the members of the Premier Ards S.C. are glad to be back for the new season. For the past 18 years we’ve be proud to provide transport for our fans to away matches. As with many things recently, the cost of providing buses has risen sharply in the last year, and the club did suffer some pretty bad losses on buses last season.

The last thing we want to see is these buses stop running, but with a further price rise this year, we really do need the support of as many fans as possible to keep the service going. Realistically, a £10 fare is the minimum that can be charged this season, even to local games like this Saturday’s against H&W Welders.

We realise that this is asking a lot and people’s finances are certainly stretched at the moment, but in order to keep the buses running we need as many fans on board as possible. On behalf of the PASC, thanks for your support and understanding on this.

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