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Premier Ards S.C

Since 2004 the Premier Ards Supporters’ Club has strived to support our football club through a range of fundraising ideas and provide a valuable transport service for our fans.


With this our 12th season now underway, the PASC continues to work for the good of our club. Our most visible service remains the supporters’ bus that transports our fans to a large number of away games. This service relies hugely on its users, many of whom are on board every week and often pay over and above the requested fare such is their support for our club.


Another successful arm of the PASC over the last few years has been our merchandise sales. This too turns a valuable profit for us and, in turn, the football club and helps to increase the prominence of the club, with Ards branded shirts and tracksuits being worn throughout the town.  For a number of years the club organised a summer 6-a-side tournament and this proved a great success for a number of seasons.


The PASC supports the football club in a number of ways throughout the season. We have been a regular supporter of the shirt sponsorship scheme and on average the club would sponsor two home games per season.


We continue to be a major contributor to the club’s end of season award day. On this day we make the presentation of our Player of the Year award, won last year by Ross Arthurs, who received the James Bailie Perpetual Cup. The club also sponsor the player of month award, which is voted for by our members.


Our club is tireless in our support for Ards FC and with the help of the wider fan base we hope to carry on helping for many years to come. Membership of the club is always open and costs just £10 for the year. To join us, please speak to our chairman Ronnie Bailie

    Club Officers

  • Chairman - Keith Gilmore

  • Vice-Chair - Phillip Bartlett

  • Secretary/Treasurer                                Andrew McCullough

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